Hello! I’m Lindsay. I fell in love with the hair industry at the age of 14. I started off as most do by answering phones, shampooing hair, and cutting foils. I watched the way the industry was run and I knew I had found my dream career. I completed cosmetology school in high school with a dual license for cosmetology and barbering in 2012. I also have an instructors license on top of that. My life took a little but of a turn after graduation and I began barbering for a few years. Crazy, I know! As much as I enjoyed it, my full heart wasn’t in it so I knew I needed to change that. Though I had kept up with doing color in my own home, I am so happy to have found my salon home! Hair Perfection has welcomed me with open arms and I am beyond excited to be a part of the team. Making others feel great about themselves, not only through hair, but through the relationships made is hands down the best part of my “job”. Thank you to all my current clients for sticking with me through this journey. If you aren’t a client of mine now, I cannot wait to have you in my chair! Much love!